Tuition Information

Tuition includes class registration fees, meals, housing, camping trip and all other events for the Cultivate Summer Programme/Winter Retreat. All tuition fees must be paid in full on registration day unless prior arrangements have been made with Cultivate.

Student Tuition & Fees

Cultivate Summer Programme
Non-refundable Deposit: $200 NZD
Tuition: $600 NZD

Cultivate Winter Retreat
Non-refundable Deposit: $50 NZD
Tuition: $135 NZD

Financial Scholarships

Scholarships are possible for those in financial hardship. These are limited and are granted on a case by case basis. However, all students must contribute something towards their tuition fees. If you are in need of financial assistance, please download and fill out the Scholarship Request Form and email it to

Payment Information

Deposits can be paid online or by credit card. All tuition and fee costs are paid in local currency (NZD) so please contact us at for any details of the correct amount for any foreign currencies. Tuition and fees can be paid with one of the following methods:

Cash (NZD) — Foreign currencies can be exchanged in the Auckland airport or at the banks in town.

Credit Cards — We can accept major credit cards. For international students, please make sure you have checked with your bank to approve overseas transactions as well as transactions limits. There is a 3.5% surcharge per transaction on the use of credit cards to settle tuition.

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