We desire to make disciples of young men and women by allowing them a space to encounter God and cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

Our Location

Our Cultivate programmes are hosted at Capernwray Bible School and Conference Center outside of Cambridge in the Central Waikato, New Zealand. 

During our programmes, Students will live in a room with a Counsellor giving them ample time for personal, one-on-one discipleship and accountability. Each dormitory fits on average four people: one Counsellor and three Students. Each morning, Students will have morning devotions with their Counsellor.


Student life

Meals are served promptly in the dining room three times a day where Students will eat meals together with our Staff. Students will share in the responsibility of setting up for and cleaning up after meals.

In between scheduled events, Students are free to enjoy our campus. They can play volleyball, basketball and tennis around the campus grounds as well as enjoy the swimming pool. Students can also play ping-pong or board games in the Student Lounge!

We have a Snack Shack onsite which will be open daily; Students can purchase snacks, drinks and our Cultivate merchandise. This is a great space for Students to hangout and relax with one another!

Each Student will be allocated 1GB free wifi and will be able to purchase additional wifi if needed. Laundry facilities will cost $3 per wash and $3 per dry; outdoor laundry lines are available for use.


Want access to Cultivate photos?

Download a selection of photos from our Winter Retreat 23 here!

Cultivate Rules

Students are expected to be an example of Christ in all their behaviour.

Students are expected to avoid the distraction of close relationships with the opposite sex during the duration of the programmes.

Students are expected to dress modestly and act appropriately around those of the opposite sex.

Students are required to attend and be prompt to every scheduled event.

Electronic devices (phones, iPads, computers, game consoles, ect.) are not allowed during scheduled events and for the duration of the Beach Camping Trip.

No purple (girl/ guy isolation).

No girls in the guy's rooms and vice versa.

No tobacco, drugs, alcohol and/or weapons.

No swearing.

No movies are to be watched during the programmes unless scheduled by the Cultivate Staff.

No food or drinks are allowed in the dorm rooms.

Students are required to respect all Cultivate Students, Cultivate Staff and The Ark Staff.

Students are required to respect all property, curfew and noise rules.

Students are not allowed to leave campus without the accompaniment of Cultivate Staff.

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